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The Health and Safety Of Your Team Is Our Priority

Sarina Argento

I am a humble individual from New York that was born into a Film

Industry family that has created Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.

I have great people and communication skills.  I also have a extreme ability to negotiate quotes, contracts, along with managing any logistics that may or may not be covid protocols, covid testing, budget or anything production related. 

Having achieved a health services degree and “living” on set for a lifetime. I have location managed, scouted, and set dressed for many productions. 

While experiencing being positive for Covid first hand March 2020 along with taking care of a family of 7 also positive, I grew as a person.

I brought the love of taking care of my family, the love of being on set and

simply the compassion for health services together as a whole. All while staying resilient during the pandemic.